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Utility Connection is just that – your connection to every competing energy supplier that sells gas and electric for business. Our Business Advisors analyze your needs and customize a utility plan just for your company. We give you the power of choice and control so that you can bundle energy options, lock in a guaranteed rate, and eliminate all price increases. Bottom line – you convert your energy's variable costs to a fixed cost, creating budget predictability.

Take Back Control of Your Energy Costs


Energy Procurement Services

Utility Connection offers a full-service view of your energy needs.  We will do a complete energy audit and show you where the most energy savings are available.  All customers have to buy power, let us show you how to buy it smarter and cheaper

When suppliers compete, you win!

Take the guesswork out of lowering your utility bills by making the electricity and gas suppliers compete for your business. 

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ALL Top Suppliers

With access to over 90 retail energy and natural gas suppliers, we offer you the lowest rates available for your electricity and natural gas. We take a full spectrum view of your energy contract and usage, negotiate the best rate, buy at the correct time, and secure your business long-term savings.

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Get Access to a World-Class Service Team to Support Your Business as it Grows

Energy Efficiency Services

As a full service, customized offering, we have our engineers evaluate your business operation to find all the efficiency services that would reduce your usage and save you money on your business’s utility costs. From a simple onsite walk-through to a full professional energy audit, we look for ways to lower your energy spend. From lighting retrofits, energy controls, demand response packages, and alternative energy products, WE DO IT ALL.




Utility Connection has a socially conscience attitude towards helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint.  We have the ability to offer a wide range of products allowing us to provide alternative energy options. From solar power installs to battery storage, we can help! Let us show you how to “Go Green” and reduce your footprint.

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