About Us

Utility Connection is just that – your connection to every competing supplier that sells gas and electric for business. Our Business Advisors analyze your needs and customize a utility plan just for your company. With exclusive access to real time analytics, we bring you the best energy suppliers that deliver the most savings. We give you the power of choice and control so that you can bundle energy options, lock in a guaranteed rate, and eliminate all price increases.


Utility Connection serves your business with over 50 years of leadership experience focused on one thing – optimizing utility savings for our customers no matter their size or scope. With access to over 90 retail energy and natural gas suppliers, we know how to bring you lowest rates available for all of your electricity and natural gas requirements. When you partner with us to buy your gas and electric power, you buy smarter. Bottom line – you convert your energy's variable costs to a fixed cost, creating budget predictability.


Abe Grohman

Abe is Senior Advisor for Utility Connection. Abe's vast experience ranges the gamut of the retail energy business. Abe was the founder of Hudson Energy and HESP Solar. His experience and relationships allow Utility Connection customers connect to unparalleled resources, information, insight, products, and opportunities not typically available to energy customers.